Introducing O-O-O, a space-separating decorative light that seamlessly blends
artistry with minimalism. Precision-crafted stainless steel conducts electricity to
illuminate subtle LEDs. O-O-O transcends traditional lighting with its lightweight
curtain, effortlessly transforming any space.

Lightweight and easily transportable, these fixtures combine artistic flexibility with
practicality. Acrylic discs delicately house LEDs, diffusing light for an elegant glow.

Easily create a unique space with the Fixed version by starting with one set or more
or work together with us to create a unique installation with a Custom-made version. 


Fixed version

The Fixed version of O-O-O, a set of model 2.6, includes 2 lines and 6 lighting
elements. Easily expand your installation by placing multiple sets side by side. It's a
great choice for those seeking simplicity and the ability to create larger installations,
although the lighting figures will remain separate. 

Explore an example of a large installation created with the Fixed version here.


Custom-made version 

The modular O-O-O system allows you to curate a bespoke lighting masterpiece—
tailoring the length, height, width, and frequency of lighting elements. Starting with 2
opposite electrical terminals and expanding as much as you like. 

Contact our office to begin customizing your unique installation


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