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This is a special collection only made to order by Vantot designers.
Continuous Current is a space-separating light, it comes with many custom options. As a modular lighting system, you decide how many elements you want to add to your composition, from the number of lines to add to the specific height. The result is a lightweight system that easily gets integrated into a space matching the environment and situations by regulating the light intensity.

*Please note* The price is calculated for 4 columns and 10 light elements. To adjust the number of columns and elements please contact us.

(H x w x D)
For 1 element: 80 x 350 x 2 mm
Gross weight 10 g / element

Production time: 10-12 weeks

Available in different colours
Gold |
Anodized aluminium
Silver |
Anodized aluminium
Custom color |
* Different color on request