Do we understand what happens when we dim our lights? How can we include
dimming as a part of the design? These are some of the questions that triggered the
design of Exploded View, a series of lighting objects that incorporate move- ment as a
key element of its design.

By moving the light-source away from, or closer to the lighting object, the intensity of
the light can be adapted. After all, the sun never fades; it is the earth that moves closer
and further away, causing the light to reflect, change colour, dim or die.

Eclipse (darken)
In this edition, the light is like a jack in the box. When the light is covered, only a weak
beam of light shines through. When the light source is moved downwards, the light
becomes brighter.

Lunar (reflect)
By means of a reflecting lampshade, the light is reflected. Depending on the position
of the light bulb to the cover, the light is reflected at the top or bottom.