Limpid Pendant Lights by Vantot - At Our Showroom from Spence & Lyda on Vimeo.


In addition to VANTOT’s collection Exploded View, Limpid Lights continues on the idea
of manipulating the light with movement. By moving the light-source closer to, or
further away from the lighting object, the intensity of the light can be adapted. While
the initial LED-light is fresh and bright, the handblown glass shades can be used to
soften the light and create a more intimate ambiance. By moving the light source, the
light can be playfully adapted from bright to a more diffuse, soft and/or coloured light.

Limpid Light comes in three shapes - small, medium and large -. You can choose
between two glass colors: Clear and smoke. Custom colour finish is possible at larger
order quantities. There are two types of suspension available: Full Swing and standard.
The Full Swing version provides the total package including an adjustable LED with two
counterweights keeping the light at a desired position. The Standard version embodies
the essential simplified setup without counterweights, which could be more suitable for
public environments as a bar or hotel.