Mono is an elegant ceiling lamp composed of an LED orb that illuminates and balances
a partly satin-finished glass halo. The on-off function and brightness of the light can
be regulated by pinching a wand that extends from the light structure. The light is
endowed with a memory for the brightness from the previous session, making it
considerate and familiar to its users. 

 Mono is designed with glass that diffuses the light to create a comfortable and serene
atmosphere. With gravity as its anchor, the halo is detached from the central orb, so
that it can be slanted and adjusted according to your own likings. The adaptable
functions complement the timeless and unique aesthetics, aligning Mono with Studio
Vantot’s human-centered and long lasting design vision. The orb is available in two
variable sizes, while the halo comes in three diameters.  

The Mono lamps were created with the support of DCW Editions.