Liiu 2.4

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Liiu is a modular lighting sculpture that uses balance and weightlessness to
construct an adjustable composition for any setting. Luminous LEDs are woven
into a slender stainless steel structure, creating a pattern that transforms as you
move around it. Like a willow tree in the breeze, the light curtain mesmerizes in
its simultaneous presence and ephemerality.  

Easily create a unique space with the Fixed version by starting with one set or
more, or collaborate with us to craft a one-of-a-kind installation with a Custom-
made version.

Fixed Version

The Fixed version of Liiu comes in several models, allowing you to easily expand
your installation by placing multiple sets side by side. This option is ideal for
those seeking simplicity and the ability to create larger installations. While the
lighting figures will remain separate, the Fixed version offers a seamless
integration of captivating illumination into your space.

Liiu 2.4 consists of 2 lines and 4 elements and includes a canopy at the bottom.

Cable length: Both cables have a length of 3 meters. Suitable for ceilings
up to 3 meters high. Different cable lengths are available upon request.  

Custom-made Version

The modular Liiu system allows us to curate a bespoke lighting masterpiece by
tailoring the length, height, width, and frequency of lighting elements. Begin with
2 opposite electrical terminals and expand to your liking. This version is perfect
for those who desire a personalized touch.

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Production time: 4-8 weeks