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Introducing V-V-V, a modular LED light concept that redefines the possibilities of
illumination. In an era of continuous evolution, where innovations like LEDs have
transformed the landscape of lighting, V-V-V emerges as a pioneer. Operating on
lower voltages, it opens up new realms for this age-old technology.

The V-V-V features a modular design using bare, anodized aluminum elements
suspended between stainless steel cables. Each element houses four sandblasted
LEDs, softening the emitted light, and securely clips onto the conductive wires. The
result? A space-separating light curtain that brings a touch of elegance to any space.

Easily create a unique space with the Fixed version by starting with one set or more,
or collaborate with us to craft a one-of-a-kind installation with a Custom-made


Fixed version

V-V-V offers six fixed models, each identified by a numerical code representing the
number of lines and lighting elements:

Model (lines.elements)

  • Model 1: 2.2
  • Model 2: 2.3
  • Model 3: 3.3
  • Model 4: 3.6
  • Model 5: 4.9
  • Model 6: 5.12

It comes with Silver or Champagne color options. 


Custom-made version

The modular system allows you to curate a bespoke lighting masterpiece—tailoring
the length, height, width, and frequency of elements including color customization.
Lightweight and easily transportable, these fixtures combine artistic flexibility with

For a personalized touch, explore our customizable installation click here 

Contact our office to begin customizing your installation


Production time: 8-12 weeks